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Mission Statement

The Electric Vehicle Association at West Virginia University is a recognized Education Chapter of the Electric Auto Association. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an opportunity for an interdisciplinary educational experience while at the same time advancing the technology of electric vehicles through the process of designing and fielding high-performance electric vehicles.


This coming semester EVA will be working on both of our vehicles, a Fisker Karma and a Formula Lightning race car. With the Formula Lightning, EVA is getting the car back into racing shape and preparing it to compete in local Autocross competitions. The Fisker is getting a retrofitted software and hardware overhaul so that it can autonomously drive using road lines for guidance.

Join Us!

Contact us at the links below or in person and we will be more than happy to add you to our list of members and keep you up to date on our ongoing activities!


Upcoming Events

This semester EVA will be participating in EngineerFEST. Feel free to stop by our table,, talk to some of our members, and join our club!


We have biweekly meetings on Mondays in AERB 213 at 3:30